Adgcraft kicks start first edition of #adgcrafttalks, a series of dialogues between Industry Experts and next generation of communicators

The first session of this dialogue started on the topic of disrupting the future of ChatGPT and the transforming leadership skills in next gen-communicators.

Adgcraft kicks start first edition of #adgcrafttalksNew Delhi 27th September 2023 – Adgcraft, a Noida based PR agency, hosted the first session of the #adgcrafttalks series, a platform where industry experts share their insights on trending and relevant topics, providing valuable knowledge. By bringing together thought leaders and experts, Adgcraft aims to provide a platform for its employees to gain industry knowledge directly from the experts and foster learning, collaboration, and innovation in the evolving communication and PR landscape. Through these sessions, the agency seeks to inculcate its employees with practical knowledge and actionable strategies that can enhance their skills and contribute to the team’s success.

Abhinay Kumar Singh, Founder and Managing Director of Adgcraft, stated, – “At Adgcraft, we are determined to provide a platform for our employees to interact with industry experts. With #adgcrafttalks, our mission is to promote learning, collaboration, and innovation in the changing fields of communication and PR. Through each session, we want to provide practical skills and useful strategies that can help us succeed in our roles. ”

The inaugural session featured Mr. Sawan Kumar Jha, Co-Founder of WishABrand, who delivered an insightful presentation on “Mastering Prompt Engineering with Chat GPT.” The session highlighted the importance of providing proper context to optimize ChatGPT responses effectively. The second session of #adgcrafttalks, featured Ms. Rashie Sinha, a Business Strategy Consultant and Trainer. Ms. Sinha shared her expertise on “Strategies for Effective Team Leadership and Growth,” emphasizing the significance of clear and open communication within teams.

Mr.Sawan Kumar Jha, Co-Founder of WishABrand said – “I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the #adgcrafttalks session. It was a fantastic experience sharing my insights with such an engaged audience. Adgcraft created an excellent platform to explore the details of AI-based communication. Understanding how to give clear commands to ChatGPT is essential in today’s digital age, and I’m glad I could contribute to that knowledge.”

Ms.Rashie Sinha, Business Strategy Consultant and Founder of The Yellow Car Company said – “Participating and discussing the Strategies for Effective Team Leadership and Growth’ was truly enlightening. The audience’s enthusiasm and the interactive atmosphere made it an incredibly amazing experience. Adgcraft’s commitment to facilitating meaningful discussions is commendable. Effective team leadership is important in today’s work environment, and I’m excited to have shared insights that can be used by professionals in their leadership roles. I wish the team a good luck for the upcoming sessions”

Adgcraft is one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in India, with a track record of onboarding over 100 brands in just two years since its foundation. The agency serves clients from a wide range of sectors, including startups, lifestyle, health, logistics, real estate, fintech, education, travel, hospitality, and entertainment. With offices in Noida and Lucknow, Adgcraft is dedicated to delivering results-driven PR solutions.

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