Allana Group invests Rs. 200 crores to set up Asia’s largest Pet Food Facility in India

~ Allana Pet Solutions to launch ‘Bowlers’ in the Indian domestic market ~

Allana Group invests Rs. 200 crores to set up Asia's largest Pet Food Facility in India11th September, Mumbai— Allana Group has made a momentous stride in the pet care industry with a substantial investment of INR 200 Crore to establish Asia’s largest Pet Food Facility in India. Presently, the company holds the distinction of being India’s foremost exporter of pet foods on a global scale, catering to more than 80 countries across diverse regions such as the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia.

As an integral element of its ambitious expansion strategy, Allana Pet Solutions is set to introduce a line of protein-rich dried dog food premium products to the domestic market, branded as “Bowlers.” This strategic move is accompanied by a simultaneous diversification into the cat food segment, further broadening the company’s product range. This strategic pivot is aligned with Allana Pet Solutions’ comprehensive growth blueprint, aimed at augmenting both its market influence and the diversity of its product offerings within the rapidly flourishing pet care industry in India.

Allana Group invests Rs. 200 crores to set up Asia's largest Pet Food Facility in IndiaAllana Pet Food Solutions is a specialized division firmly dedicated to curating a wide array of exquisite pet treats, dehydrated chews, Natural Bone products, Meat Jerky variations, and vital constituents for pet nourishment, the company strives to fulfil the ever-growing requisites on both domestic and international fronts.

The main aim of Allana Pet Food Solutions is to meet the rising demand for high-quality pet food products both within India and globally. The state-of-the-art facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhering to the highest industry standards, underscores Allana’s commitment to quality and innovation. The facility’s expansive production capacity will position India as a significant player in the international and domestic pet food market.

Allana Group invests Rs. 200 crores to set up Asia's largest Pet Food Facility in IndiaRaghavendra Rao, CEO of Allana Pet Food Solutions stated, we are elated to introduce a groundbreaking development that underscores our unwavering commitment to furnishing pets with unparalleled nutrition. Our substantial investment in Asia’s most advanced Pet Food Facility serves as a testament to our firm belief in India’s prospective ascendancy as a global frontrunner in the realm of pet nutrition. The inauguration of “Bowlers” marks a truly momentous milestone, emblematic of our resolute dedication to pushing the envelope of innovation. Our enthusiasm is boundless as we extend to pet proprietors an array of fastidiously formulated blends that seamlessly harmonize taste and nutritional excellence. The inauguration of the new Pet Food Facility imbues us with confidence that Bowlers will swiftly evolve into a venerable name within the pet food domain.

 This significant investment in the Allana Pet Food Solutions facility and the introduction of Bowlers not only underscore Allana Group’s commitment to animal welfare but also align with its objective of positively contributing to the well-being of pets. This development is expected to generate numerous employment opportunities and foster the growth of related industries within the region. The Pet Food Facility is poised to redefine the pet food landscape, offering pet owners a broader range of nutritious and flavourful options for their beloved companions.

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