Almonds Ai Launches Channel CARETM Program

Almonds Ai Launches ChannelCARETM ProgramTo elevate trust between brands & their retail channel partners

· The program provides assistance across finance, operations, marketing & more

· The program offers dedicated support teams to assist retailers & channel partners

28/02/2024, Gurugram: Almonds Ai, a leading channel partner engagement, loyalty, and rewards technology company, announced the launch of a comprehensive ChannelCARETM (Complete Assistance and Retention Empowerment) program for brands’ retailers and channel partners. ChannelCARE aims to elevate any brands’ success with retailers through financial support, training, sustainability initiatives, and an array of business services.

Key features of the Almonds Ai ChannelCARE program include:

· Financial assistance such as working capital loans

· Tax guidance and financial planning assistance

· Healthcare /wellness service and insurances

· Business skills trainings and mentorship

· Support for marketing, promotion, and recruitment

· Sustainability education and implementation of eco-friendly practices

· Dedicated assistance teams

ChannelCARETM program will also provide tailored services based on each retailer’s specific needs across technology adoption, inventory analysis, expansion support, and more.

“At Almonds Ai, we understand the pivotal role that channel partners play in the success of businesses. With ChannelCARE™, we aim to provide comprehensive support and empowerment to channel partners, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to optimize operations, boost sales, and future-proof their businesses.” Abhinav Jain & Apurv Modi, Co-Founders of Almonds Ai jointly said.

These services address an extensive array of retailer needs, encompassing technological advancements, localized marketing, compliance, and energy efficiency. Depending on the challenges and opportunities within the retail industry, these services prove invaluable in driving retailers toward their utmost potential.

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