Bangur Cement to donate more than Five Lakh Kilos of cement as part of its ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid’ campaign

Bangur Cement to donate more than Five Lakh Kilos of cement as part of its ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid’ campaign

Mumbai, 22  May 2024 : Bangur Cement, one of India’s leading cement brands, will donate more than Five lakh kilos of cement as part of its ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid’ multimedia campaign. The announcement also underscores the outstanding success of the campaign which was aimed at encouraging citizens to vote in the 2024 general elections.

As part of this campaign, Bangur Cement launched ‘vote ka vachan’ initiative, encouraging citizens of India to pledge their vote @ For every pledge received, Bangur Cement committed to donate 1 kg of cement for social welfare purposes.

Since the campaign’s launch, it has received an overwhelming five lakh ‘vote ka vachans’, with numbers growing on a daily basis.

Celebrating the milestone, Mr. Sushrut Pant, Head of Marketing, Bangur Cement, said, “Bangur Cement’s ‘Vote Solid, Desh Solid’ campaign has received an unprecedented support from people all over the country. With over five lakh individuals already taking the ‘vote ka vachan’, and the numbers growing on a daily basis, we are truly honoured to have played a part in promoting the democratic values of the country and to have encouraged voter participation across states.”

Today, Bangur Cement undertook the first batch of national donation to 11 underprivileged families in the Shishvi and Onkar villages of Udaipur district, to build their homes. This is the first batch of national donation which is flagging off from Udaipur.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pant, added, “We are proud to kickstart our pledge to donate to underprivileged families to construct their solid homes. We will soon be planning several more cement donations.”

The donation ceremony was graced in the presence of village panchayat members and representatives from NGO Hanuman Van Vikas. The cement distributed to the families will help them to build their solid homes from Bangur Cement. The contribution is set to greatly improve their living conditions, providing them with the stability and security of well-constructed homes.

This initiative not only emphasizes the importance of voting but also highlights Bangur Cement’s commitment to social welfare and community development. As the campaign progresses, Bangur Cement remains dedicated to making meaningful contributions to benefit numerous families across the country.

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