Between the Stumps: Swiggy brings back Gulaab Jamun Uncle as T-20 season kicks off

Between the Stumps: Swiggy brings back Gulaab Jamun Uncle as T-20 season kicks off

Swiggy’s New Campaign Hits a Six with Gulaab Jamun Uncle’s Hilarious Food Escapades and Harsha Bhogle’s Witty Commentary During the Ongoing Cricket Season

India, 7th June 2024: Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform has launched its latest Campaign, marking the return of its beloved trio: Gulaab Jamun Uncle, Aunty and legendary commentator Harsha Bhogle.

The campaign features bite-sized ad films that humorously depict Swiggy’s commitment to on-time delivery, allowing Uncle to enjoy his favourite treats without interruption. In one of the ads, Uncle cleverly navigates his food cravings while Aunty prepares to attend a wedding, highlighting the quick and seamless delivery service. The ads use everyday scenarios to highlight the speed and convenience of Swiggy’s delivery service, resonating with cricket fans across the country.

These bite-sized ad films, supported by legendary commentator Harsha Bhogle’s popular commentary pieces, showcase the fast-paced nature of Swiggy’s delivery service. The witty comparison to cricket aims to resonate with the massive audience of cricket fans in India. By focusing on a single delivered item, the ad subtly highlights Swiggy’s “no minimum order value” offerings and a special incentive of ₹150 off during the cricket season.

Talking about Swiggy’s strategy on capitalising on one of its most-favourite campaigns of all time, Ashwath Swaminathan, Chief Growth & Marketing Officer, Swiggy, said, “The series featuring Gulaab Jamun Uncle, Aunty, and Harsha Bhogle is a much-loved one, so we are bringing it back for the continuing cricket season. The campaign highlights how we deliver food right on time to help Uncle enjoy his favorite gulab jamun. We are confident that this campaign will resonate with cricket fans across the country.”

Indrasish Mukerjee, the director of the filmadded, “Swiggy ads were iconic for the language they had set up a while back with the crisp, silent 20-seconders aided only by Harsha Bhogle’s voice. The format’s always challenging, especially with comprehension and one’s ability to land humor. But we were clear from the outset with what we set out to do, which helped, and it was an absolute pleasure to revive this format and bring Gulaab Jamun Uncle alive once again for this series of three films.”

The Swiggy campaign will run across television, digital platforms, and social media.

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