Buffalo Soldiers Ace the Game with SG Sports’ Tennis Teams

· The creative agency powers up branding for SG Mavericks Kites & and Bengaluru SG Mavericks, teams that feature world number 2 Aryna Sabalenka and world number 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Buffalo Soldiers Ace the Game with SG Sports’ Tennis TeamsNew Delhi, December 21, 2023: In an exciting new chapter in sports marketing, creative agency Buffalo Soldiers has teamed up with SG Sports to boost the branding and social media presence of their elite tennis teams: SG Mavericks Kites and Bengaluru SG Mavericks.

The SG Mavericks Kites, set to play at the Meteora World Tennis League (Season 2) in Abu Dhabi, are prepped for an electrifying tournament. With stars like world number 2 and Australian Open 2023 winner Aryna Sabalenka, Spanish sensation Paula Badosa, Bulgarian dynamo Grigor Dimitrov, and world number 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas, the team is poised for a spectacular showcase of tennis prowess.

Buffalo Soldiers’ role in amplifying this excitement through innovative digital strategies is pivotal. Arnab Kundu, Co-Founder & Head of Delivery of Buffalo Soldiers, is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Tennis is a sport that thrives on passion and precision, much like our approach to branding. We’re thrilled to bring our digital expertise to SG Sports’ teams, promising to create a buzz that resonates with tennis fans worldwide.”

On the other hand, Bengaluru SG Mavericks, fresh from their victory at the Tennis Premier League Season 5, are a testament to Buffalo Soldiers’ successful branding strategies. The agency’s involvement in crafting their online persona played an integral role in building momentum and fan engagement.

Rohan Gupta, Owner of SG Sports, is confident in Buffalo Soldiers’ abilities. “Our teams have incredible talent, and we needed a partner who could match that with equally impressive branding skills. Buffalo Soldiers was the obvious choice, and they have delivered beyond our expectations.”

This collaboration highlights Buffalo Soldiers’ diverse capabilities in handling sports branding, a domain that demands dynamism and innovation. Their work with SG Sports’ tennis teams and their chess team SG Alpine Warriors is a showcase of their ability to blend creative storytelling with sports enthusiasm.

Buffalo Soldiers’ strategy involves not only highlighting the teams’ achievements but also creating an engaging narrative that connects with the audience on a deeper level. It’s about bringing the thrill of the game to the forefront, making each match an experience to remember.

As SG Maverick Kites gear up for their upcoming tournament and Bengaluru SG Mavericks bask in their recent triumph, Buffalo Soldiers is ready to serve up some ace branding and digital play.