Buffalo Soldiers Elevates Saurabh Dubey to Head of Video & Productions; Celebrates His Award-Winning Creative Journey

The award-winning filmmaker won 64 international awards with his short documentary “Never Ask Why” in 2022 and 2023

Buffalo Soldiers Elevates Saurabh Dubey to Head of Video & ProductionsNew Delhi, December 12, 2023: Buffalo Soldiers, the Rising Maverick creative agency of 2023, is thrilled to announce the elevation of Saurabh Dubey, a visionary video editor and an acclaimed rap musician, to the role of Head of Video & Productions. Since joining the agency in January 2020, Dubey has been a driving force behind the camera, earning accolades as a director and weaving magic in the world of music.

“Saurabh’s elevation is not just a promotion, it’s a celebration of talent, creativity, and vision,” said Sumon K Chakrabarti, Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Soldiers. “His journey with us has been an inspiring tale of passion and perseverance. His knack for storytelling and unique perspective brings a new dimension to our projects. He’s not just a team leader; he’s a trendsetter in the truest sense.”

A Delhi University graduate, Dubey’s in-house documentary, “Never Ask Why,” has won 64 awards across various international film festivals till June this year, echoing his directorial prowess.

As a rap musician, he has collaborated with luminaries like Rashmeet Kaur, Maalavika Sundar, and Maniesh Paul, receiving shoutouts from Grammy-winner Ricky Kej and music maestro Amit Trivedi. His unique blend of Indian classical with hip-hop has garnered over a million views on YouTube, marking him as a trendsetter in the music industry.

His recent foray into television commercials included directing four TVCs for Parker India.

“It’s been a whirlwind of growth and learning. From cutting clips, editing reels, and corporate videos to leading projects, each moment at Buffalo Soldiers has been a step towards realizing my creative vision. I believe in telling stories that resonate, and this role is a canvas for that belief.” said Dubey, a massive fan of Eminem and John Lennon. “It’s a place that has not only nurtured my skills but also allowed me to infuse my love for music into my work,” he added.

Dubey’s journey in Buffalo Soldiers, the agency that is known to give young talents a space to flourish, has included working on films and documentaries for clients such as WWF India, Vitamin Angels, Tech Mahindra, Global Chess League, and National Geographic.

“Buffalo Soldiers is not just a workplace; it’s a creative playground,” added Dubey. “Here, ideas aren’t just heard; they’re celebrated. I’m thrilled to lead a team that’s as passionate about storytelling as I am.”