Colors Gujarati Presents A Groundbreaking Drama Titled “Maanyta – Aakash Thi Uncha Sapna”

~ The show is set to premiere on August 28 and will air every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm exclusively on Colors Gujarati ~

Mumbai, 25th August 2023: Every girl holds the right to dream big and strive to fulfil those aspirations. Beliefs and dreams are intertwined; believing in oneself paves the way to achieving goals. However, what occurs when challenges befall your dreams and convictions? How will Maanyta overcome these obstacles to achieve her aspirations? How can she establish herself as a successful businesswoman in a predominantly male business sphere? Will she effectively balance her passion and family responsibilities? These pressing questions form the core of Colors Gujarati’s newest original show, “Maanyta – Aakash Thi Uncha Sapna”. As the no.1 channel in the Gujarati entertainment space, Colors Gujarati is poised to present this compelling narrative. The show’s narrative follows the trajectories of two distinct individuals: Maanyta Virani, hailing from a middle-class background, and Dhanraj Kashyap, a prominent business magnate. The convergence of their paths promises intriguing developments. “Maanyta – Aakash Thi Uncha Sapna” is set to debut on August 28, airing every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, exclusively on Colors Gujarati.

Colors Gujarati Presents A Groundbreaking Drama Titled “Maanyta – Aakash Thi Uncha Sapna”

Sharing his excitement on this new show, Vipul Nagar, Business Head of COLORS Gujarati, said, “Colors Gujarati always showcases a variety of content that appeals to both the masses and niche audiences. ‘Maanyta’, our new original fiction show, beautifully captures and challenges the stereotypical thoughts and rigid definitions about women and/or girls in our society. It shows that they can rule the business world through the journey of Maanyta. The central focus will be on how she leads the struggle and faces challenges by owning every moment to achieve an unconventional dream with no godfather in the business. The show brings together strong characters and addresses rarely discussed issues in our society.”

“Maanyta – Aakash Thi Uncha Sapna” narrates the tale of a girl with extraordinary dreams. The show revolves around Maanyta, a young woman aspiring to emulate the success of

Manubhai Sanghani, her idol, inspiration, and guru. However, in our society, business is still perceived as unsuitable for women. Nonetheless, Maanyta, driven by her strong beliefs and

dreams, is determined to debunk this myth and realize her goal. This journey traces Maanyta’s transformation from a middle-class girl to a nationally recognized businesswoman. Her life takes a dramatic turn when a tragic incident disrupts her world, leading her and her family to relocate to Ahmedabad. Vidhi Furiya portrays the role of Maanyta, Mitesh Moga takes on the character of Dhanraj Kashyap, and the well-known and beloved Rajendra Chawla portrays the role of Maanyta’s father, Chandubhai Virani.

Do not miss the extraordinary journey of Maanyta as she conquers obstacles and achieves her dreams in “Maanyta – Aakash thi uncha sapna”. The show premieres on August 28 and airs from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, exclusively on Colors Gujarati.

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