FRECO AWARDS SAVVYTREE COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING MANDATEFreco, one of the leaders in delivering Fresh & Economical direct farm produce, is pleased to announce a partnership with Savvytree for a comprehensive digital marketing mandate. This collaboration will focus on Performance Marketing, Creative Creation, Social Media Management, and Website Management, to improve Freco’s online presence and customer engagement.

Freco distinguishes itself in the market by delivering fruits and vegetables that have been washed with a unique Neem and Lemon solution, ensuring not only freshness but also a natural and healthy experience for customers.

Savvytree, a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi is set to bring its expertise to the table, focusing on strategies to Freco’s vision. The mandate includes a focus on performance marketing to drive targeted traffic, creative content creation to highlight Freco’s distinct selling points, social media management to increase brand visibility, and website management to improve the online shopping experience.

“Freco is excited to start this digital journey with Savvytree. As we grow, we recognise the value of having a strong online presence. With Savvytree’s proven track record and innovative approach, we are confident that this collaboration will help us expand our brand and reach a larger audience’, said Freco CEO Santosh Srivastava.

The tagline “Fresh & Economical” shows Freco’s dedication to providing high-quality farm produce at reasonable prices. The Neem and Lemon washing process, which is unique to Freco’s offerings, demonstrates their commitment to providing not only fresh but also naturally cleaned fruits and vegetables.

Savvytree is eager to help Freco succeed in the digital space. “We feel honoured to work with Freco and help them elevate their digital presence. “Our team is ready to implement creative strategies that will resonate with the target audience and highlight the unique qualities that make Freco stand out,” said Bharat Khatter, Founder of Savvytree.