Gautam Gambhir’s Exclusive Interview Uncovers the Intersection of Cricket, Politics, and Controversies

New Delhi, 13th June 2023 – News18 India, India’s No.1* Hindi news channel, conducted an exclusive interview with Gautam Gambhir, a renowned cricketer turned politician. In a conversation with the channel’s senior anchor and top journalist Amish Devgan, Gambhir delved into the realms of cricket and politics, addressing critical issues and controversies that have captured the public’s attention.

During the interview, Gambhir expressed his unwavering dedication to the country, highlighting that he ventured into politics driven by a genuine desire to make a tangible difference, rather than seeking mere social media popularity. He emphasized the importance of action and ground-level work over empty tweets from air-conditioned rooms.

Shifting the focus to the Delhi government, Gambhir raised valid concerns about the promises made by the current administration and their lacklustre track record in fulfilling those promises. He questioned the lack of transparency surrounding the establishment of schools, colleges, and hospitals in the past eight years.

With a deep-rooted connection to Delhi, Gambhir highlighted his profound love for the city. He stressed the futility of engaging in self-praise, emphasizing that genuine achievements should be recognized by the public, not self-proclaimed.

Addressing the allegations against him, Gambhir dismissed them as baseless. He raised questions about the intentions behind the excise policy and the alleged diversion of funds for electoral purposes. Gambhir also voiced concerns about the government’s failure to secure bail for its ministers, despite claims of innocence.

Reflecting on the transformative power of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Gambhir acknowledged its impact on shaping the future of cricket. He highlighted how the tournament has provided a platform for emerging talent and extended the careers of players.

Sharing his observations on Indian cricket, Gambhir expressed concern about the nation’s individual-centric approach. He lamented the lack of team spirit and attributed India’s failure to win an International Cricket Council (ICC) championship to this obsession with individual performances.

In an era dominated by social media, Gambhir cautioned against becoming consumed by virtual platforms and emphasized the need to maintain a healthy balance. He warned against relying on superficial validation from these platforms and highlighted the importance of avoiding addiction in any form.

Gambhir also revealed his principled stance on not succumbing to monetary incentives for creating biased narratives. He affirmed his commitment to utilizing funds for the betterment of the people, rather than indulging in self-serving storytelling.

Addressing the controversies surrounding the Ekana Stadium incident, Gambhir stood by his actions and expressed his support for Naveen ul Haq, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to righteousness and justice.

Setting aside personal differences, Gambhir expressed respect for his fellow cricketers, including Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, emphasizing the importance of keeping on-field battles confined to the field and maintaining professionalism. He praised Yuvraj Singh as an underrated cricketer and voiced his opinion on the media’s failure to adequately recognize Yuvraj’s contributions to Indian cricket.

In conclusion, Gambhir highlighted how the media’s obsession with individuals and marketing strategies has distorted the true essence of the game, overshadowing the accomplishments of deserving players.