IGP partners with Kajol for its Mother’s Day campaign

Gifting platform IGP has announced a partnership with actor Kajol for its upcoming Mother’s Day campaign.

IGP partners with Kajol for its Mother’s Day campaign

Kajol will be the face of IGP’s Mother’s Day campaign to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children.

Kajol’s children, planned a surprise for their mother while she was on a set shooting an interview. The surprise was captured on camera and shared on her Instagram, as part of the partnership.

The video shows special gifts organised as a surprise for her on Mother’s Day from IGP’s range of offerings, including personalised gifts, flowers, cakes and gourmet chocolates.

The video captures her reaction to the suprise, which encapsulates the essence of Mother’s Day – which is the celebration of the unconditional love between a mother and her children.

IGP’s Mother’s Day campaign with Kajol aims to highlight the importance of expressing love and appreciation to mothers, who expect nothing and are selfless, but deserve everything special on their special day.

The partnership with Kajol adds a personal touch to the campaign and resonates with IGP’s mission to help people express their emotions through thoughtful gifts.

Through this collaboration, IGP hopes to inspire people to celebrate the special relationship they share with their mothers and express their gratitude and love through heartfelt gestures, just like Kajol’s children did for their mother in the surprise video.