India’s Culture and Technology are It’s Hallmark: Bhairavi Jani on ‘UMUTE with PRCAI’

New Delhi, 18 September 2023: Serving as Executive Director of SCA Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Bhairavi Jani has been adeptly navigating the evolving landscape of logistics and supply chain operations. The fourth-generation entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist is playing a pivotal role in streamlining the complex global network to facilitate a seamless flow of commerce.

India’s Culture and Technology are It’s Hallmark: Bhairavi Jani on ‘UMUTE with PRCAI’Ever enthusiastic about development, Jani recently joined Niret Alva, an award-winning television journalist, producer, anchor, and educator, in the fourth episode of ‘UMUTE with PRCAI. During this enlightening session, she spoke about the evolving global narrative about India, the ongoing digital metamorphosis and importance of the lifelong learning. She also shared insights into her professional journey and her passion to co-create sustainable livelihoods for communities in the upper Himalayas.

Addressing the question posed by the host on the hallmark of India’s changing brand image, Jani responded, “I think our culture is our strongest positioning of course, but so is technology.” Drawing reference from mentions of India in Western movies and series, she said that India has become a part of “mainstream conversation where people in general conversations have started recognizing the country.” She even credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for advocating brand India, resulting in the country’s enhanced global image.

Continuing the discussion on strategies to bolster India’s global brand image, Jani asserted that, “Every brand has its core philosophy and values. For India, it has always been its diversity and pluralism. A lot of people equate India to that. If India were to lose that core identity, it would significantly damage its brand.”

Advocating for digitalization in logistics and other streams of businesses, Jani said learning, experimenting, and preparing a roadmap for the organisation is essential for managing the transition. Commenting on the speculation of job losses due to the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced technologies, Jani stated, “There is a transition. Some people will lose their jobs, but many new, higher-skilled jobs will be created. We shouldn’t be apprehensive about it.”

She even spoke about the importance of lifelong learning in the current era and shared some key skills required for an Indian entrepreneur across sectors. To hear the full episode tune into: Bhairavi Jani: The Future of India is Bright

Sponsored by Adfactors PR, ‘UNMUTE with PRCAI’ is the first-ever podcast series of the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI). The collection consists of 10 inaugural episodes that would bring together business leaders and valued ‘Opinions that Matter’. The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Bingepods, and JioSaavn.

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