Medha Shri joins Wildr as Head of Customer Success

Medha Shri joins Wildr as Head of Customer SuccessMedha Shri has been appointed the Head of Customer Success at Wildr, a toxicity-free social media app designed to create a safe online space. She moves from where she worked as the editor-in-chief for the blogging community.

She has also worked as the Head of Content and Communications team at Explurger, actor Sonu Sood’s social media app. At Explurger, she was instrumental at launching the app in India and helping it grow.

She has more than 15 years of experience working for top media houses, such as Hindustan Times Media, BCCL (Times of India), Creative Nest Media, among others. She also writes regularly for various national and international magazines and media houses.

At Wildr, she aims to create a safe zone where people can socialise without the fear of trolls. “You’ll only find love, support and kindness at Wildr. Our sharp AI is trained to block any negative comments. We also have a strong team at the backend that works on appeals from users in real-time. All the learnings from where we curated the kindest corner on the Internet are coming in handy,” says Medha, who informs that the app has started its Indian operation recently.

Founded by Indian-origin engineers in America, the social media app has some exciting features planned for its Indian users. Wildr has a unique revenue-sharing system in the works. “We will be the only social media platform that will share the ad revenue with not just content creators but also content consumers,” informs Medha.

Medha Shri joins Wildr as Head of Customer SuccessWildr is a fabulous social media app that creates a safe space for people to network, share, talk and connect with friends and family. It claims to be the only social media app where users will be able to earn for creating and consuming content. Each user is given a ring around their display picture depending on their behaviour, for instance, those who interact mindfully get a green ring, the others get a yellow and anyone who has indulged in troll-like behaviour gets a red ring barring them from commenting. No trolls or trolling is allowed on the platform, and the team takes it seriously.

One of the features that’s an instant hit with Indian users is “The Challenge” feature. Users can start or participate in many of the challenges and improve their quality of life with a community of like-minded people.

The team behind Wildr includes CEO and co-founder Vidit Drolia, who has worked at some of the best companies around the world including Robinhood, Google and Microsoft; COO and co-founder Melissa Ravi, who has worked at PayPal amongst others as the marketing leader; and Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder Kunal Lunawat who was a co-founder of VC Fund and investor at Blackstone.

“The world is on Wildr, where are you? Join the world’s first truly positive, non-toxic social network for real people with real stories. Connect meaningfully without the hate. See you at Wildr!,” says Medha.