Media Mantra bags Arogya World’s ‘Healthy Workplace’ certificate

Media Mantra, an independent public relations consultancy, has received the prestigious “Healthy Workplace” certification by Arogya World.

Media Mantra, an independent public relations consultancy, has received the prestigious “Healthy Workplace” certification by Arogya World. The accreditation was granted after a strict assessment conducted by health industry experts who evaluate workplaces all around India based on Arogya World’s Healthy Workplaces criteria. Since its commencement in 2012, the certification has been accorded to 186 companies nationwide after examining their health and well-being initiatives, company culture, and result-driven plans contingent on thorough guidelines set by WHO (World Health Organization).

The team at Media Mantra is led by health and fitness enthusiasts, with Founder and Director Pooja Pathak’s strong belief in small simple changes that result in sustainable long-term benefits. Commenting on the recognition from Arogya World, she stated, “We want fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness to be prioritized within our organization as part of our wellness culture. I strongly believe that health and well-being is a conscious choice one has to constantly strive towards. The company aims to foster a spirit of healthy change within our workforce, as we strongly believe that healthier habits build positive minds.”

Discussing upcoming initiatives centering holistic health at Media Mantra, Rekha Gehani, People and Culture Leader, stated, “We look forward to partnering with Arogya World to help create the right awareness for our teams and take result-driven action in the direction of their health and wellness with our complete support.”

Arogya World has developed “Healthy Workplace” standards in India with contributions from several industry experts including Harvard faculty. In addition to a “no tobacco at the workplace” policy, easy access to healthy foods, and opportunities for physical activity, the Healthy Workplace criteria also includes establishing a healthy work-life balance and a self-aware shift in one’s perspective. The year 2020 marked the addition of mental health criteria to the existing WHO-approved guidelines, with physical and mental health parameters scored equally and just as rigorously by Arogya World.

The leadership at Media Mantra, with an unwavering commitment to creating a healthy workplace, encourages all employees to live fitter and happier lives. The era of blurring lines between the professional and the personal, makes individuals more vulnerable to physical and mental stress festering and seeping into either side. This avoidable issue can slowly but strongly impact an employee’s morale and their personal and work life.

At Media Mantra, the beginning of the year witnessed the implementation of proactive initiatives regarding mental and physical health of employees, as part of the inclusive #MMCares leave policy, allowing employees to avail 6 paid leaves for any purpose such as taking up a new hobby, spending time with family, or going on a wellness trip. As an organization that motivates employees to find their ikigai (Japanese: the reason for being), Media Mantra also has a mandatory leave rule for birthdays to encourage employees to take the whole day to themselves.

The team is consistently working on implementing more measures around nutritious eating based on Arogya World’s MyThali recommendations of Poshan (good nutrition) and portion (eating the right quantity). Additionally, Media Mantra also plans to strategize initiatives around mental well-being and stress management, fitness tracking, and other programs to inculcate sustainable habits and lifestyle changes for the betterment of their workforce.