Meme Page Ghantaa Launches a New Meme Campaign for on Instagram

Meme Page Ghantaa Launches a New Meme Campaign for on Instagram

The popular Instagram page’s post on is already going viral


July 2024: Speaking about one such brilliant digital marketing move, we couldn’t help but notice what a popular meme and news page on Instagram named Ghantaa has been doing recently with the ever-so-famous matrimony and matchmaking app with its newest marketing campaign, aka a meme campaign.

Highlighting more about the meme campaign, the team at Ghantaa explained that in today’s diverse and ever-changing marketing niche, it is necessary to walk hand-in-hand with the changing trends and demands. Since memes are content pieces with the highest probability of reaching the maximum number of people worldwide, it is currently considered one of the most brilliant marketing moves.

For, Ghantaa has been leveraging the power of memes on social media, creating compelling and funny content that can A. be more relatable to a diverse set of audiences, B. be more relevant to current affairs and trends, and C. be funny and hilarious at the same time.

One of its posts that has garnered great attention and views on Instagram is where a boy has messaged a girl’s father, proposing marriage to his daughter, but the father replies that he’ll talk with him after the “Match.” Ghantaa gave the tagline, “Rishtey toh aate jaate rehte hai.. match waapis nahi aata,” implying about the semi-finals that India won on June 27th against England.

This way, Ghantaa has been blending humor, memes, relevant content, and’s brand identity well within its content, attracting massive attention from audiences and proving it to be an exceptional meme marketing campaign.

Check out its hilarious post here.

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