News18 Bihar/Jharkhand takes a stand against Dowry with the launch of ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ Campaign

News18 Bihar/Jharkhand takes a stand against Dowry with the launch of ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ Campaign

Patna, 29th May: News18 Bihar/Jharkhand, the No.1 News Channel in the region, proudly announced the launch of anti-dowry campaign, ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ on 27th May. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the detrimental system of dowry prevalent in our society and foster a change in mindset to eliminate this social curse.

Dowry has inflicted long-standing suffering and injustice upon our society. Through ‘Dahej Naa Dem,’ News18 Bihar/Jharkhand seeks to illuminate the distressing consequences of the dowry system, highlighting its deep-rooted impact on individuals and families. The launch show featured a diverse range of programming segments, engaging viewers and stimulating crucial conversations about this pressing issue.

An esteemed guest panel dedicated to combating the dowry system provided valuable insights and experiences during the show. Their presence encouraged viewers to re-evaluate societal norms, fuelling a movement against dowry and paving the way for a more equitable society.

Madan Sahni, Social Welfare Minister, Government of Bihar, expressed his wholehearted support, stating, “The ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ campaign is an essential endeavour that addresses the deep-rooted issue of dowry in our society. I commend News18 Bihar/Jharkhand for taking this initiative, and I am confident that it will bring about a positive transformation in our community.”

Renowned folk singer Bhavani Pandey, an active participant in the campaign’s launch show, shared his thoughts, saying, “As an artist, I believe it is our responsibility to use our voice for meaningful causes. I am immensely proud to have joined the ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ campaign, contributing towards ending the practice of dowry, which has inflicted pain on countless lives.”

Shilpi Singh, a dedicated social worker, added, “The ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ campaign has successfully challenged societal norms that perpetuate the dowry system. I extend my gratitude to News18 Bihar/Jharkhand for spearheading this campaign and providing a platform to raise awareness and bring about change.”

One of the campaign’s key segments featured a comprehensive report showcasing alarming statistics on dowry-related murders and harassment. The report highlighted the shocking number of lives lost each year due to the pernicious practice of dowry, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action to eradicate this social evil.

‘Dahej Naa Dem’ represents an essential step towards transforming our society and liberating it from the grip of dowry. News18 Bihar/Jharkhand invites all citizens, influencers, and community leaders to join this crusade against dowry and contribute to the creation of a future free from this unjust and archaic tradition.

Watch ‘Dahej Naa Dem’ on News18 Bihar/Jharkhand every Saturday at 5:30 pm.