Nihar Naturals Hair Oil launches a new TVC featuring brand ambassador Alia Bhatt

Nihar Naturals Hair Oil launches a new TVC featuring brand ambassador Alia Bhatt

Nihar Naturals Hair Oil has launched a new TVC featuring brand ambassador Alia Bhatt. The campaign revolves around the message of Shundor Chul, Shobaar Odhikaar, and highlights Nihar Naturals’s position as a progressive brand committed to making beautiful hair accessible to all.

The TVC begins with Bhatt being serenaded by a group of Bauls, ethnic wandering minstrels from Bengal, who ask her the secret to her long, lustrous hair. The Bauls then take the serenade – a take on the popular song, “Boro loker biti, lo lamba lamba chul”, created by legendary singer-songwriter Ratan Kahar – to another girl stepping out of a bus with equally gorgeous hair while Alia looks on, thoroughly enjoying the scene. Bhatt then demystifies the mystique and presumed “magic” around beautiful hair and reaffirms the brand stance that beautiful hair is every woman’s right.

The ad ends with Alia revealing the secret to beautiful hair- Nihar Naturals, with coconut and methi (fenugreek), gives thick, beautiful hair Speaking about the new campaign, and the association with Bhatt, Marico Ltd.

CMO Somasree Bose Awasthi said, “Whenever we see beautiful hair, we attach a certain mystique to it, often playfully comparing the process of maintaining them to magic. With this ad campaign, we want to highlight how beautiful hair is not a result of any magic but the goodness of Coconut & Methi in Nihar Naturals Hair Oil which gives thick beautiful hair, becoming the right of every woman. Alia’s natural charm and presence are perfect to highlight this proposition and we are confident that the latest campaign will further strengthen the brand amongst the target audience.”

Commenting on her partnership, Bhatt said, “I am so excited to be a part of the Nihar Naturals family and partner with a brand that truly believes that being beautiful and progressive go hand in hand!”

The film was conceptualized and executed by Team WPP.

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