Prime Video Celebrates Father’s Day with a Heartfelt Campaign that Places Fathers at the Centerstage 

Prime Video Celebrates Father's Day with a Heartfelt Campaign that Places Fathers at the Centerstage 

Watch the ad film here:

MUMBAI—June 15, 2024— Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, today launched a fun video to celebrate International Father’s Day. In a tongue-in-cheek manner, the film brings to life one of the most common habits of dads across India – falling asleep in front of the TV! Featuring celebrated singer Shaan, singing a melodious lullaby for fathers watching TV and struggling to keep their eyes open because of a long day, the film uses humour to encourage fathers to take a break, snooze and enjoy their favourite Prime Video shows another day!

In the film, Shaan through his magical lullaby reaches out to every type of dad, from the middle-aged, overworked father, the exhausted new, millennial dad, to the elderly grandfather, each one wanting to nap but not wanting to miss out on family time when watching Prime Video. Only the men can see and hear Shaan, and his soothing lullaby comprising of their favourite shows and characters from Prime Video, eventually leads to a tug of war between the need to sleep and the need to watch the next scene with family. But are the dads able to overcome their age-old habit of falling asleep in front of the TV or does nature finally take its course? Watch the film here to find out:

Credit: Written and conceptualized by Bare Bones Collective.

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