Publicis Worldwide India and Axis Bank Unveil ‘Sirf Aapke Liye’ Campaign

In a strategic collaboration, Axis Bank has teamed up with Publicis Worldwide India to introduce its largest and fully integrated campaign to date, titled ‘Sirf Aapke Liye.’ This campaign not only supports the launch of Axis Bank’s new mobile-banking app, ‘open by Axis Bank,’ but also seeks to reposition the bank as a digital-first organization.

Publicis Worldwide India and Axis Bank Unveil 'Sirf Aapke Liye' CampaignThe comprehensive campaign, crafted by Publicis Worldwide India, encompasses five TV commercials and ten digital films, featuring a diverse range of stories that resonate with individuals from all walks of life. It will be launched across various channels, including television, print, out-of-home (OOH), and digital platforms.

This initiative aims to bring about a transformative shift in the digital banking landscape while staying true to the bank’s fundamental principles of ‘open,’ which encompass a dedication to innovation, transparency, and customer-centricity.

Oindrila Roy, Managing Director, Publicis Worldwide India, said, “This campaign marks an important juncture in the journey of Axis Bank. The brand is making a pivot to being a digital-first bank and the campaign is designed to communicate the same. When entrusted with this campaign, the strategy was to help Axis Bank make this transition while remaining true to its DNA and the legacy that it has created over the years. The campaign positions ‘open by Axis Bank’ app as a liberator that seeks to free customers from the everyday banking inefficiencies and transform banking into an effortless and enjoyable experience.”

The campaign transcends the realm of traditional banking and introduces a truly human experience in the digital-banking category. Anoop Manohar, Chief Marketing Officer, Axis Bank said, “This is a significant milestone in Axis Bank’s journey. As we continue to grow and adapt to the digital future, our core value of being ‘Dil Se Open’ will remain our guiding light, ensuring our offerings are both cutting-edge and rooted in the trust and familiarity our customers have come to expect.”

At the core of the campaign lies relatability. The films introduce the audiences to every day, relatable characters who find themselves in situations that are all too familiar – waiting in long queues, traveling great distances, and enduring tedious banking processes. However, as the stories unfold, it becomes evident that these individuals were not merely engaged in banking but pursuing their passions and joys. ‘open by Axis Bank’ emerges as an intuitive app that helps the consumer navigate the complex world of banking quite easily.

“The communication focusses on positioning ‘open by Axis Bank’ as an app designed to live up to the bank’s promise of keeping the consumer at the centre of the banking experience. The communication embodies that and hence the title is ‘Sirf Aapke liye’. The campaign represents a significant step forward in the world of digital banking, making Axis Bank not just a financial institution but a partner in the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment,” added Srijan Shukla and Pratheeb Ravi, Executive Creative Directors, Publicis Worldwide India.

The commercials are scheduled to air during the highly anticipated Men’s Cricket World Cup, among other channels. In addition to TV, it will also have a strong digital presence, with video and social media platforms amplifying the message. Additionally, in-branch and out-of-home (OOH) promotions will guarantee that the campaign reaches a large audience.

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