Reliance Group appoints Parul Sharma as Group President

Reliance Group appoints Parul Sharma as Group President

Reliance Group appoints Parul Sharma as Group President

Reliance Group, one of the leading conglomerates has announced the appointment of Parul Sharma as Group President. Parul Sharma brings extensive experience and a proven track record in strategic leadership and business management to her new role.

As a global communications strategist, Parul brings a rich body of experience to power the Group, and—as Tony’s wife—the continuity to carry forward his formidable legacy.

For nearly 40 years, Tony Jesudasan was the public face of the Reliance Group, its bulwark in Delhi and across the world. Tony’s passed away in February 2023.

Welcoming Parul to the Reliance Group, Mr Anil Ambani said, “I am pleased that Parul is joining us as Group President. While this is her first professional association with the Group, she has for long been a part of the broader Reliance family as Tony’s partner. Our memories of Tony and what he meant for the Group makes Parul’s entry all the more special.”

Parul Sharma steered the communications strategy for Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Star India’ for 15 years, shaping its corporate image, publicity and relationships. Prior to that she was with the German broadcaster ‘Deutsche Welle’, based in Cologne.

In 2017, she left Star to focus on photography and made a mark in the field in a very short time. Working at the intersection of architecture, urban landscapes and the human form, she has exhibited her work across continents. Her work on the Kumbh Mela being displayed at the prestigious Florence public Museum ‘Marino Marini’ in 2019. Her 2020 book ‘Dialects of Silence’ chronicling Covid deaths and the plight of migrants. A second book ‘Colaba’ is due later this year.

“Stepping in Tony’s shoes is not the easiest thing to do but he would be pleased to see me try,” said Parul Sharma. “Besides my experience with global media outlets, I hope to blend empathy and humanism in my stakeholder management. This is a transformative journey for Reliance Group that seeks to uphold the enduring spirit of the past.”