Saugata Gupta appointed as ASCI Chairman

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has appointed Mr. Saugata Gupta as its new Chairman. Mr. Gupta, a highly respected and accomplished leader in the field of marketing and advertising, will bring his extensive industry experience and strategic vision to lead ASCI in its mission to ensure responsible and ethical advertising practices across India.

Saugata Gupta appointed as ASCI ChairmanIn his role as ASCI’s new Chairman, Gupta sharing his vision, stated, “Leading ASCI at this juncture is a privilege. We are in the midst of an extraordinary opportunity to reimagine what responsible advertising means and how consumers need protection in the digital age. ASCI is at the very forefront of this effort as it collaboratively shapes the industry.

With the advent of the ASCI Academy, we are active architects shaping a more responsible future. Our mission is to instil the principles of self-regulation into the very heart of the creative process. I eagerly look to take further the ambition we have drawn for ourselves. With the support of my board colleagues and ASCI’s exceptional team, we are all set to raise the standards of responsible advertising.”

Recalling his tenure at ASCI, the outgoing Chairman, NS Rajan said, “Leading ASCI over the past year has been an immensely fulfilling journey. I am proud that, as a collective team, we have strengthened our abilities to be ready for the future. The launch of the ASCI Academy is a significant event that I am sure will yield positive results.

In an environment of rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer expectations, ASCI has remained agile and forward-thinking. The complaints management part is now highly streamlined and efficient, and we are developing significant expertise in digital monitoring.

I have no doubt that Team ASCI will continue to shape policies, drive innovation, and champion causes that are not only important to the industry but also to our society at large.”

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