#SheCanCarryBoth: Prega News Thanks Working Moms with Innovative OOH Campaign

#SheCanCarryBoth: Prega News Thanks Working Moms with Innovative OOH CampaignMumbai, March 4, 2024: Prega News, the leading pregnancy test kit from Mankind Pharma, has installed an interactive and innovative billboard in Cyber Hub, Gurugram as an extension of their #SheCanCarryBoth campaign. The Prega News billboard features an interactive voice praising working mothers as they pass by, thanking them for balancing their careers and families.

The video of the talking billboard can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swtKGVCy8gc

The original #SheCanCarryBoth campaign video: https://youtu.be/OAkMFepwOlY?si=t17ofBSWuIsVUe0B

The #SheCanCarryBoth campaign was launched by Prega News leading up to International Women’s Day 2024 to celebrate women effortlessly juggling personal and professional duties. The emotional and inspirational video depicts Pooja Gor as Meenal, a dedicated teacher determined to provide extra classes to weaker students, despite being heavily pregnant herself. By dramatizing the story of a woman upholding her duties empathetically as an educator and mother-to-be simultaneously, the #SheCanCarryBoth video pays tribute to the strength and selflessness of womanhood.

As a follow-up, Prega News wanted to thank working women in the corporate hub of Cyber City. When women walk past the Prega News billboard, they hear a voice complimenting them on caring for both their personal and professional worlds with ease and panache.

#SheCanCarryBoth: Prega News Thanks Working Moms with Innovative OOH Campaign

“Often, the work put in by the women in our lives, whether it is managing a family or excelling at the workplace, may go unnoticed or underappreciated. With this installation, we wanted to directly uplift and recognise these women who may feel overwhelmed juggling their multiple responsibilities,” said Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales and Marketing Head of Mankind’s Consumer Business Unit. “The personal, one-on-one messages of support aim to bring a smile during their busy days. Prega News recognizes and celebrates the quiet resilience of women in every facet of life.”

The reactions of surprised and delighted women were captured on video as they slowed down to engage with the talking billboard on their way to offices in Cyber Hub. The outdoor activation brought the theme of #SheCanCarryBoth to life through an innovative consumer experience.

“We strive to make emotional connections and raise awareness on issues affecting women through engaging content,” Chatterjee added. “The billboard activity encouraged working women to lean on support systems when carrying heavy loads and not feel lesser for doing so.”

Through thought-provoking campaigns like #SheCanCarryBoth across platforms, Prega News spotlights stories of empowered women thriving professionally and personally. Prega News already has an 85% share in the pregnancy test kit market in India, showcasing their prowess in expert, complete neonatal and maternity care. The #SheCanCarryBoth campaign and Cyber Hub OOH display are the latest parts of the brand’s commitment to progressive values and women’s advancement in India.