Singer India Appoints Six Degrees BCW as Strategic Communications Partner

Singer India Appoints Six Degrees BCW as Strategic Communications Partner

Singer India Appoints Six Degrees BCW as Strategic Communications Partner

Singer India, a leading name in the sewing machine and home appliances has announced its partnership with Six Degrees BCW, a renowned global communications agency, to drive its strategic communication efforts.

The collaboration between Singer India and Six Degrees BCW marks a significant milestone in enhancing Singer India’s brand presence and communications strategies. With a legacy spanning over 170 years, Singer India has consistently delivered innovative and high-quality products to its customers. By teaming up with Six Degrees BCW, the company aims to further amplify its brand message and reach a wider audience.

Rakesh Khanna, vice chairman and managing director of Singer India, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “As we embark on a transformative journey, we are excited to have Six Degrees BCW by our side. Their expertise aligns with our vision to elevate our brand and seize the promising prospects ahead. We believe that this collaboration will contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of our consumers.”

The collaboration aims to leverage Six Degrees BCW’s experience and insights in the consumer durables industry to create tailored strategies that resonate with Singer’s target audience. By adopting an Earned-Plus approach, the agency seeks to drive brand growth and establish a lasting impact.

Vandana Sandhir, India Lead at Six Degrees BCW, shared her anticipation for the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Singer India to elevate its brand presence. Our team is dedicated to developing strategies that will deeply connect with Singer’s audience and propel brand growth. By combining our expertise with Singer’s legacy, we are confident in forging a successful and enduring collaboration.”

Singer India’s decision to team up with Six Degrees BCW reflects its commitment to evolving its brand narrative, connecting with consumers, and staying at the forefront of the sewing machine and home appliances industry. As the partnership unfolds, both entities are poised to create impactful campaigns that resonate with customers and reinforce Singer’s position as a trusted and innovative brand in India.

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