Team Fighter Introduces #ThankYouFIGHTER: A Heartfelt Tribute to India’s Air Warriors

Team Fighter Introduces #ThankYouFIGHTER: A Heartfelt Tribute to India's Air WarriorsNational, 19th December 2023: Team Fighter, in a pioneering move launches an innovative initiative, #ThankYouFighter, to pay a sincere tribute to the unsung heroes of our nation – the Indian Air Warriors. This heartfelt campaign aims to express love and appreciation towards the brave souls serving in the Indian Air Force (IAF).

To facilitate this initiative, Team Fighter has launched a dedicated platform, This platform serves as a digital canvas inviting individuals to share their heartfelt messages in the form of virtual paper planes, a simple yet powerful act to honour the spirit and valour of the Indian Air Force. The website shares a name – personalised badge for each person who shares their message. It’s a unique way to say #ThankYouFighter for those who protect the skies of our country.

Team Fighter has also collaborated with PVR Inox, placing drop boxes in 10 cities across 30 locations, allowing the masses to drop in their handwritten and warm messages. Additionally, in an effort to engage young minds, Team Fighter has partnered with 300 DAV Schools across 23 states. Viacom18 Studios has sent eco-friendly seed-based papers to these schools, inviting children to write heartfelt messages, forging a connection between the younger generation, nature, and their appreciation for the Real Fighters of the Indian Air Force.

#ThankYouFighter is a unique endeavour designed to unite citizens from every corner of our country, across generations, in sharing their gratitude towards our Air Warriors, through heartfelt messages, showcasing their admiration and support for the commitment and sacrifices made by the IAF personnel.

Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom18 Studios, and Producer of ‘Fighter’ shared“With #ThankYouFighter, we aspire to convey our appreciation and respect for our Air Warriors. This initiative is not just about our film, but about honoring those who safeguard our skies and our nation.”

This initiative encourages participation from all, inviting individuals to visit and contribute their messages, symbolizing their heartfelt tribute to the brave guardians of our nation.