TheSmallBigIdea opens Dubai office, eyes international expansion targeting MENA

~ To offer digital marketing solutions to brands and businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region ~

14th December, 2023; Mumbai, India:

TheSmallBigIdea (TSBI), a leading full-service independent digital agency announces its foray into the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region with its office in Dubai, marking its international expansion. Having built an impressive portfolio in diverse sectors, including Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Real Estate, BFSI, E-Commerce and Technology in India, TheSmallBigIdea now intends to harness their strengths in these sectors to establish its presence in the thriving MENA market.

With remarkable work done for clients like Sobha RealtyLulu GroupBahrain Tourism, and Uganda Government, the agency further solidifies its commitment by offering compelling solutions tailored to the diverse business landscape of the region. Banking on the region’s enormous growth potential, TheSmallBigIdea, with a locally built team and culturally driven insights, is dedicated to taking its innovation, creativity, and digital prowess to new horizons.

Speaking on the agency’s international expansion with the foray into the MENA market, Harikrishnan Pillai, CEO and Co-Founder at TheSmallBigIdea said, “Embarking on our growth journey in the Middle East is a pivotal moment for TSBI, marking the realization of a long-envisioned plan. We are delighted with the success of this venture, which serves as the initial stride towards transforming TSBI into a truly global agency, firmly rooted in its Indian heritage. By fusing our profound digital expertise cultivated in India with a nuanced understanding of Middle Eastern culture, TSBI Arabia emerges as our gateway to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. As we collaborate with clients in the region, we are confident that our unique blend of Indian innovation and Middle Eastern cultural insight will propel us to possess a formidable presence on the global stage. With seasoned professionals who boast over a decade of experience in the market, TSBI Arabia is set to lead the way in the coming years, offering an exciting prospect for both our team and the industry at large.”

TheSmallBigIdea’s foray into the MENA region is not just a step towards global expansion but also a commitment to becoming a strategic partner for brands seeking to make their mark in this thriving market.

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