Vicky Kaushal is back as the brand ambassador for Wild Stone CODE and he’s taking freshness up a notch

Bengaluru – 17 June 2024 – Wild Stone CODE, a leader in men’s grooming products, has unveiled its latest campaign for Wild Stone CODE Body Perfumes, starring the charismatic Vicky Kaushal as the face of the Brand. The new advert puts freshness at the forefront, showcasing the invigorating essence of CODE Titanium.

Vicky Kaushal is back as the brand ambassador for Wild Stone CODE and he’s taking freshness up a notch

In this dynamic advert, Vicky Kaushal embodies the ultimate modern man, exuding confidence and energy. As he applies CODE Titanium, he feels a burst of freshness, depicting the powerful and instant freshness this premium body perfume provides. The advert brilliantly captures his experience, portraying how the fragrance enables him to seize the day with a renewed sense of vigour. As the narrative unfolds, Vicky Kaushal’s presence becomes visually magnetic, drawing everyone around him into his fresh aura.

This seamless blend of charm and contagious rejuvenation highlights the core message of Wild Stone CODE Body Perfume Range: A great fragrance not only helps one smell terrific but also heightens your aura. Titanium is one of the most popular choices in this range of 7 Body Perfumes, with 3 all-new fragrances launching soon.

“Wild Stone CODE Titanium is made especially for those who seek an instant burst of freshness and confidence,” said Ankit Daga, Head – Business Development at McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd. “Vicky Kaushal perfectly represents the essence of our brand – modern, vibrant, and effortlessly captivating. Vicky was first celebrity on brand CODE, and we are thrilled to welcome him back. This campaign is a celebration of the refreshing impact that CODE Titanium brings to everyday life” Mr. Daga added.

Expressing his excitement about the campaign, Vicky Kaushal said“I am thrilled to be back with Wild Stone CODE, a brand that resonates with my style. CODE Titanium is all about freshness and confidence. I’m really excited for everyone to see our fresh approach to showcasing freshness and experiencing the invigorating effect it brings.”

The advertisement is now live across multiple platforms, including television, digital, and social media channels, ensuring that the message of freshness and confidence reaches a broad audience. Wild Stone CODE invites everyone to experience the ultimate freshness with CODE Titanium body perfume.