Viral Rabbits creates the ‘ज़ंग (Corrosion) Warrior’ brand campaign for Jindal Stainless about combating societal ज़ंग

Viral Rabbits creates the ‘ज़ंग (Corrosion) Warrior’ brand campaign for Jindal Stainless about combating societal ज़ंग

New Delhi, June 20, 2024: Jindal Stainless, India’s largest stainless-steel manufacturer, launched the ‘ज़ंग (Corrosion) Warrior’ brand campaign to coincide with the World Day Against Child Labour. The campaign, conceptualised and executed by Viral Rabbits, aims at showcasing the powerful and transformative role that skill training can have in promoting sustainable societal change. The three-film campaign speaks about a positive social impact on the lives of fabricators through JSL’s Stainless Academy initiative. The Academy aims to develop an ecosystem that drives awareness and appropriate adoption of stainless steel, under which Jindal Stainless provides free fabrication training to fabricators.

The ‘ज़ंग Warrior’ brand campaign, as part of the larger ‘Jindal Saathi 5.0’ project, includes three heart-warming videos that put the spotlight on prevalent social issues in India such as women inequality, social injustice, besides child labour. The videos unravel the emotional stories of individuals who have found a path to economic independence and self-reliance through the Stainless Academy. The first video highlights how the Programme empowers women to achieve economic independence and break gender barriers in the traditionally male dominated fabrication industry. The second video focuses on equipping fabricators with unique skill sets to build a brighter future for themselves and their families by ensuring their children’s well-being and education, in turn helping eradicate child labour. The third video, meanwhile, showcases the opportunities created through these fabricator training programmes for individuals from underprivileged backgrounds to gain acceptance and respect in the society.

The core of the campaign draws a powerful parallel between the inherent qualities of stainless steel – its resistance to corrosion (ज़ंग)– and Jindal Stainless’ dedication to combating societal ज़ंग, or evils from society.

Chraneeta Mann, Co-Founder at Viral Rabbits says: “We realized that JSL’s efforts to empower, enable and uplift its fabricator community, went far deeper than a technical training Programme. The Jindal Stainless Academy had not just trained fabricators, but had actually contributed to changing India’s social fabric through the confidence and transformative skill training that it made possible. These ‘Zung Warrior’ fabricators are change catalysts and the campaign is really a message of hope, highlighting the power of skill development.”

Nitin Suri, Co-Founder at Viral Rabbits, says “To our mind, Zung Warrior does not just define the fabricators, but it actually represents everyone at JSL. Whether it is their innovation, their research, their trusted quality, solutions, or even their CSR, everything is geared to fight corrossion at different levels. As a brand statement from India’s largest stainless-steel manufacturer, this campaign is rooted to their unique philosophy.”

Manav Narula, Brand Marketing Lead at Jindal Stainless Limited, adds “Much like the stainless steel that fights corrosion the best, Jindal Stainless through its various efforts has been helping fabricators to fight the corrosive ‘Zung’/evils of society. It was this underlying truth that sparked the Zung Warrior campaign. I believe the best campaigns are those that rise beyond being advertisements to being vehicles of change that enhance the lives of an entire value chain.”

The three inspiring films go beyond showcasing the technical skills learned, highlighting the broader social empowerment the fabrication training programme provides, culminating with a powerful call to action, emphasizing the importance of collective effort in driving social change.

Created by Viral Rabbits, an integrated communications agency. the three films are a part of a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign that spans multiple platforms, including digital, outdoor, on-ground activations, social media and print advertising. You can watch the films here:

Women Empowerment

Social injustice

Child labour

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