Client Associates and Kaizzen Join Forces to Elevate Financial Awareness beyond Metropolitan Cities


Client Associates and Kaizzen Join Forces to Elevate Financial Awareness beyond Metropolitan Cities11th July ’24: Client Associates (CA), India’s premier Multi Family Office and Private Wealth Management firm, headquartered in Gurgaon, has onboarded Kaizzen to amplify financial awareness in Tier 2 cities across India. Over the past 22 years, CA has established a significant presence in major metropolitan cities, including Gurugram, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Patna, Kochi, and Ahmedabad.

This partnership signifies a joint commitment to fortify the brand’s presence through strategic communications support and corporate reputation management, which will enhance both brand and spokesperson visibility. By leveraging Kaizzen’s expertise, CA aims to expand its reach and impact in Tier 2 cities, ensuring more individuals and families benefit from informed wealth management practices.

Through a series of exclusive knowledge sessions, CA will address topics pertinent to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs) families, including Estate Planning, Immigration, Tax, Alternate Investments, Private Wealth Management, Alternate Investments and more. These initiatives are designed to ensure that HNIs and UHNIs are well-informed and financially savvy. In recent years, CA has partnered with many leading industry bodies dealing with HNIs and UHNIs, conducting Client Engagement Programs (CEP) and webinars. These efforts have helped families gain valuable insights into wealth management, estate planning, and investment strategies, thereby enhancing their financial well-being.

Amit Chauhan, Associate VP – Marketing & PR, Client Associates stated,  “With the growing number of HNIs and UHNIs in Tier 2 cities, there lies a tremendous opportunity to enhance financial awareness and literacy. Client Associates (CA) is a one-stop platform for the financial needs of HNIs and UHNIs. With a 22-year legacy of handling over 1100+ families, our expertise in wealth preservation and creation should be accessible to individuals across all regions of India.”

“CA is committed to creating experiences that are not only engaging but also memorable for our clients. We believe that financial education should go beyond mere information dissemination; it should involve interactive and immersive experiences that resonate on a personal level. By combining data-driven insights with personalized interactions, we ensure our clients not only understand their financial options but also feel deeply connected to their financial strategies. This approach empowers our clients to make informed decisions and builds long-term trust and loyalty. With this partnership with Kaizzen, we aim to achieve this goal and extend our reach to these emerging markets.” – Chauhan added.

Vineet Handa, Founder and CEO of Kaizzen, added, “We are incredibly excited for this partnership and look forward to the execution of innovative and high-impact communication strategies. Over the past sixteen years, Kaizzen has catered to the BFSI segment and established itself in the segment. The current mandate will help build our strengths in this vertical even further.” 

By combining their strengths, Client Associates and Kaizzen are poised to make a substantial impact on financial awareness and spread awareness across India.

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