deQollab wins creative mandate for BioPrime AgriSolutions

deQollab wins creative mandate for BioPrime AgriSolutions

BioPrime AgriSolutions, an agritech startup, has appointed deQollab, a creative communications agency as its strategic communications partner.

Commenting on the association, Rajeshwari Singh, co-founder & CEO of deQollab said, “We believe that sustainability communications is a critical area of public relations, particularly for companies operating in the agriculture industry. Consumers today are more aware of environmental issues than ever before and are looking to do business with companies that share their values. Our goal is to help Bioprime Agrisolutions build a strong brand that reflects their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.”

As per the company, deQollab has been appointed to enhance BioPrime’s corporate reputation, amplify brand visibility and support the expansion drive in India. Furthermore, enhancing the brand’s social media presence also comes under the same mandate.

Renuka Diwan, co-founder & CEO, BioPrime AgriSolutions commented, “We are focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions to address some of the most pressing problems in agriculture today, with sustainability and regenerative agriculture at our core. There are so many learnings in discovery, farmer success stories and milestones -stories that need to be told. We are happy to partner with deQollab to bring these untold stories to the forefront”

Additionally, the partnership with deQollab is expected to bring about significant changes in Bioprime Agrisolutions’ brand presence and communication strategy, strengthening the company’s position in the agricultural industry.

“The agri-tech space has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, and BioPrime AgriSolutions is at the forefront of this revolution. With its innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, the startup has already made a significant impact in the industry. We are thrilled to be working with BioPrime AgriSolutions and helping them achieve their communication goals” added Falguni Khemka, co-founder & COO, deQollab.