“PRCAI Responds to Satirical Article in The Economic Times, Advocates for Mutual Understanding”

"PRCAI Responds to Satirical Article in The Economic Times, Advocates for Mutual Understanding"Nearly a fortnight following the publication of an article in India’s prominent publication, The Economic Times, the piece titled ‘Journo Confession-Mine PR Kiya’ in the ‘Just in Jest’ section, dated October 12th, ignited a significant response from India’s PR industry across social media. In response to this unprecedented reaction, The Economic Times featured PRCAI’s perspective in its ‘Chat Room’ section.

In the letter titled “Dekho Magar PR Se,” composed on behalf of PRCAI by its President, Atul Sharma, the organization expressed its standpoint. The letter addresses the perceived bias against the PR industry in the article and acknowledges the use of satire for expression while raising concerns about the article’s reference to ‘garlic garlands and crucifix,’ which has caused significant discomfort within the PR community.

Sharma proceeds to recognize the challenges faced by both the media and PR industry in recent years, particularly the rapid transformation of media platforms. He acknowledges the pressures on journalists in their pursuit of media coverage, as well as the occasional PR challenges such as last-minute cancellations of global CEO interviews after confirming them a month in advance.

Concluding on a positive note, Sharma emphasizes the need for collective improvement and kindness towards one another in the journey ahead.

–  By Charu Joshi