Swiggy’s Heartwarming Mother’s Day Film Strikes a Chord with Siblings Everywhere

Swiggy's Heartwarming Mother’s Day Film Strikes a Chord with Siblings Everywhere

India, May 9, 2024: As Mothers’ Day approaches, Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform, is going the extra mile with a touching Mothers’ Day Campaign, dedicated to honoring the heart of every household: Mothers. Titled “Delighting Your Mom”, the campaign revolves around the theme of siblings competing to delight their mom with special treats, all delivered through Swiggy Food.

Set within the heart of a quintessential Indian household, the film unfolds the touching narrative of a mother embraced in love and surprises from her adoring children. The film opens in a living room, where a mother is seen scrolling through her phone. Her son then surprises her with a chocolate pastry, followed by her daughter presenting a heart-shaped cake. The siblings exchange a knowing glance, and the competition begins. From photo cakes to cupcakes forming the word ‘MOM,’ the film showcases the siblings’ efforts to outdo each other in making their mother feel loved.

Speaking about the film, Ashwath Swaminathan, CGMO, Swiggy said, “‘Delighting your Mom’ encapsulates the spirit of Mother’s Day in a fun yet relatable manner. We have shown in a gamified way two siblings showering their mom with love and trying to outdo each other. The idea demonstrates how Swiggy plays a role in providing joy on special days like Mother’s Day by making it more convenient.”

Swiggy’s ‘Delighting Your Mom’ campaign not only spreads joy but also reinforces the company’s role as a symbol of modern-day convenience for users across India.

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