Buffalo Soldiers to Unveil Groundbreaking AI-Powered Influencer Management Tool Set to Revolutionize Influencer Marketing

Buffalo Soldiers to Unveil Groundbreaking AI-Powered Influencer Management Tool Set to Revolutionize Influencer Marketing

Buffalo Soldiers to Unveil Groundbreaking AI-Powered Influencer Management Tool Set to Revolutionize Influencer MarketingNew Delhi, October 10, 2023: Buffalo Soldiers, the award-winning creative agency, is set to disrupt the world of influencer marketing with its cutting-edge AI-based influencer management platform. This innovative tool is slated to hit the market during the highly anticipated Diwali season this year, promising to transform how brands engage with influencers and elevate their marketing strategies to new heights.

This tool is designed to address the ever-evolving needs of brands in the digital marketing landscape. It boasts a range of key features that will empower brands to maximize their ROI, harness the full potential of influencer marketing, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

“For the last 12 months, while building this, we kept one mantra as our key product feature: the core needs of brands in the ever-evolving influencer landscape. With features like insightful data analytics and ROI tracking, brands can finally obtain the vital insights they crave, ensuring every campaign delivers tangible results,” said Sumon K Chakrabarti, Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Soldiers. “The tool’s historical data capabilities empower brands to retain clients by providing valuable forecasting and historical insights, making it difficult for clients to look elsewhere for their influencer marketing needs,” Chakrabarti added.

With access to a vast influencer database of 200 million influencers worldwide, brands can effortlessly discover and select influencers based on their specific needs, demographics, and engagement rates. This data-driven approach ensures that brands can optimize their strategies and make informed decisions.

“Freedom to influencers : that was our brief to the engineering team. And clearly, they have achieved to give real influencers across India and beyond a platform that has automation at the heart of this tool, streamlining influencer on boarding, content approvals, and proposal generation,” said Arnab Kundu, Co-Founder & Head of Delivery at Buffalo Soldiers.

Key Features and Differentiators

Buffalo Soldiers’ influencer management platform boasts key features that set it apart:

5.2 Million+ Vernacular Influencers: An extensive network of vernacular influencers from over 400 cities in India.
Global Repository of Creators: Access to over 200 million influencers worldwide.
In-Depth Audience Insights: Comprehensive audience insights provide a deeper understanding of influencers and their reach.
Previous Brand Collaboration Insights: Evaluate influencers’ previous brand collaborations to make informed choices.
ROI & Data-Driven Reports: Easily create custom KPIs and access real-time data for informed decision-making.
Seamless Workflows: AI-integrated modules streamline processes and reduce turnaround times.
Robust Integrations: Integrations with WhatsApp, OpenAI, Calendly, and more ensure seamless operations.
Tech-Driven Brand and Creator Experience: Creators can engage through a branded portal, enhancing collaboration and sign-up for initiatives.

Why This is a Game Changer

Buffalo Soldiers’ AI-powered influencer management tool is set to transform the industry by:
Acquiring More Clients and Maximizing Revenue: With a digital marketplace, Buffalo Soldiers can attract a broader clientele base, generating more revenue opportunities.

Harnessing Market Leverage: The tool allows Buffalo Soldiers to onboard thousands of influencers, cultivating direct relationships that drive success.
Scaling Success: Buffalo Soldiers embraces a digital-first, data-centric approach, ensuring success in an evolving landscape.
Reporting and Analytics: In-depth reports and analytics provide real-time campaign insights, allowing for ongoing optimization.
Robust Integrations: The tool integrates with WhatsApp, Meta’s Graph APIs, Google Workspace, OpenAI, Calendly, and more, offering a tech-savvy experience for brands and creators.

Buffalo Soldiers’ AI-powered influencer management tool represents a leap forward in the influencer marketing landscape. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of influencer dynamics, Buffalo Soldiers is poised to empower brands and agencies like never before.

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