#CareerCupid: Hero Vired Launches Personalised Career Advisory Sessions this Valentine’s Day

#CareerCupid: Hero Vired Launches Personalised Career Advisory Sessions this Valentine’s Day

The initiative aims to guide over 1,500 aspirants by the end of the year 

New Delhi, 13 February, 2024: With a focus on celebrating self-love, Hero Vired- A leading LearnTech startup by the Hero Group, aims to play #CareerCupid by introducing personalized career advisory sessions designed to empower working professionals. At the heart of this initiative lies the celebration of learning and professional growth. On Valentine’s Day, Hero Vired extends an invitation to individuals to prioritize their personal and career development.

Hero Vired plans to engage over 100 students monthly, with the long-term aim of reaching out to over 1,500 aspirants by the end of the year. Emphasizing the significance of self-love and nurturing one’s aspirations, this initiative encourages everyone to invest in themselves and their future endeavors. Professionals will be offered bespoke sessions crafted with a profound comprehension of their aspirations and motivations. These sessions will serve as a compass, meticulously guiding and mapping out each person’s professional journey. With a focus on depth and personalization, every session will delve into the unique trajectory of each individual, providing invaluable insights and strategies to navigate their future path effectively.

Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO of Hero Vired, commented, “In the midst of a technological revolution, navigating rapid transformations can be daunting and challenging for young professionals. At Hero Vired, we believe that nurturing aspirations and investing in professional development is a crucial element in advancing careers. Through these curated career advisory sessions, our mission is not only to offer guidance to aspirants nationwide but also to ignite hope and provide them with a clear roadmap for their future careers.”

These career advisory sessions are designed to empower professionals, enabling them to navigate their professional domains with clarity and direction. The initiative will be driven by a dedicated team of career coaches, subject matter experts (SMEs), and operations managers at Hero Vired, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the process.

As per Hero Vired’s recent ‘Future of the Skills Landscape 2024’ report, 82% of professionals are concerned about the potential redundancy of their jobs due to rapidly emerging technologies. As industries evolve and the demand for new skills rises, Hero Vired’s career guidance sessions promise to be a guiding light for many, helping them to not just navigate but thrive in their professional journeys. By launching these sessions on Valentine’s Day, Hero Vired continues to emphasize on the significance of celebrating passion for growth & learning, by being the #CareerCupid that inspires individuals to navigate through their professional journeys with clarity and confidence.

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