Daiki Axis India celebrated World Nature Conservation Day with a commitment to Eco-Creation and Development

Daiki Axis India Private Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of sewage treatment plants, is proud to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on July 28th across its Offices and Plants. The company has been contributing to the improvement and conservation of the water environment in India by treating wastewater and reusing it locally. Daiki Axis India provides a safe sanitary environment and conserves fresh water.

On this occasion, Mr Kamal Tiwari, CEO of Daiki Axis India Private Limited said, “We promote the conservation of the water environment to the world. Having spent half a century focusing on water and people’s lives, our goal is to continue working towards becoming an ‘eco-creation and development company’ that supports sustainable developments of humans and the natural environment.”

Johkasou Technology, a unique and highly efficient domestic wastewater treatment system developed by Daiki Axis, is designed to meet the highest standards of water quality while minimising environmental impact. Johkasou Technology significantly improves wastewater treatment efficiency and reduces harmful environmental impact.

Daiki Axis Group is committed to Swachh Bharat Mission and works with all stakeholders to revive and conserve the natural environment in India.  Daiki Axis India and Daiki Axis Environment are the companies incorporated in India to promote, design, manufacture, install, and maintain Johkasou Decentralised domestic wastewater systems.

We have already set up two manufacturing units under MAKE IN INDIA and installed over 600 units across India for various applications and user types, we have a network of over 25 local companies for providing local service supported by 77 local employees of the company, we are working with various government departments and agencies of central and state governments, industry bodies and private users in the area of decentralised wastewater management.

The company is closely working with BIS for forming standards for Packaged STPs in India, IIT Roorkee for performance evaluation and validation of Technology in India, and Sri Vishwakarma Skill University (SVSU) for Johkasou Operator Skill Development and Certification course. FICCI, CII, and various other industrial and private agencies in creating awareness in the area of domestic wastewater management.

Daiki Axis India will continue to carry out its water-related businesses to grow into a corporate group that continues to help build a living environment that is both earth-friendly and comfortable by promoting the conservation of the water environment to the world.

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