Dainik Jagran – inext Edition Unveils ‘Akhbar se Zyada’ Brand Campaign

Dainik Jagran – inext, the leading Hindi daily newspaper, proudly presents its new brand campaign, ‘Akhbar se Zyada,’ reaffirming its commitment to delivering news and content that goes beyond the ordinary. This campaign marks a significant milestone in the publication’s journey of providing insightful journalism and engaging readers across India.

The ‘Akhbar se Zyada’ campaign encapsulates the essence of Dainik Jagran – inext, highlighting its dedication to delivering news that not only informs but also empowers readers with meaningful and impactful stories. The campaign showcases the newspaper’s unwavering commitment to going the extra mile in its pursuit of providing comprehensive and thought-provoking content.

Through this campaign, the brand showcases the power of ‘i’ in inext through four powerful expressions.

“Akhbar se Zyada interesting”
“Akhbar se Zyada impactful”
“Akhbar se Zyada impressive”
“Akhbar se Zyada inspiring”

Each day, Dainik Jagran-inext edition curates smartly collated stories and news for its progressive and fast-moving audience of young souls who believe in the transformative power of change. With its focus on lifestyle, entertainment, information, and personalized content, Dainik Jagran-inext edition inspires its readers to enhance their lives in ways that create a positive impact on society.