Asian Paints Unveils TV Commercial Highlighting the Magic of Apcolite All Protek in New Campaign ‘Bhaag Daag Bhaag”

Asian Paints has introduced a captivating TV commercial as part of its “Bhaag Daag Bhaag” campaign, aiming to showcase the remarkable stain-repellent attributes of Apcolite All Protek.

Asian Paints Unveils TV Commercial Highlighting the Magic of Apcolite All Protek in New Campaign 'Bhaag Daag BhaagCreated by McCann Worldgroup, the commercial opens with a heartwarming scene in a Kerala home, where a young girl and her brother are engrossed in creating art with breadcrumbs and ketchup at their dining table. The brother suggests adding an elephant artwork to the Nettipattam decoration on the wall, and the sister enthusiastically agrees. As the ketchup makes contact with the wall, a hand and foot-like protrusion emerges from within the wall, effortlessly repelling the stain and leaving it spotless. The children are left in awe.

The creative duo proceeds to test the paint’s capabilities with various staining substances like mustard sauce and chocolate sauce, only to witness the same remarkable stain-repelling results. The TVC cleverly illustrates how Apcolite All Protek emulsion paint transforms worries into creative opportunities by maintaining pristine walls. Adding a playful twist to the TVC, the father joins the children’s imaginative adventure, offering himself as a canvas for their well-intentioned experiment.

The ad film effectively showcases the Lotus Effect Technology of Apcolite All Protek emulsion paint.

The TVC also features a catchy refrain, ‘Bhaag Daag Bhaag,’ emphasizing the stain-repellent qualities of Apcolite All Protek.

Speaking on the new TVC, Amit Syngle – MD & CEO, Asian Paints Limited said, “Apcolite All Protek is more than just a paint; it’s an innovation that embodies Asian Paints’ commitment to enriching lives. Its revolutionary Lotus Effect Technology not only safeguards walls from stains but enhances overall quality of life. The remarkable stain-repellent capabilities empower consumers to live freely and comfortably in their homes without worrying about stains compromising its beauty. All Protek mirrors our dedication to simplifying lives, enriching living spaces, and nurturing carefree, childlike creativity.”

Ashish Chakravarty, Executive Director & Head of Creative, McCann India said, “We needed something that establishes a unique and ownable audio-visual device to demonstrate how the Lotus Effect works, but without losing out on emotions. So, for this, along with a fun refrain (Bhaag Daag Bhaag) and the visual effect on the wall, we also developed the character of the father, who lets the children draw an elephant on his T-shirt when he sees that they are unable to draw it on the wall. All this gives more power to the overarching narrative of keeping room for mischief at home, liberates the consumer from the fear of messing up the walls, and makes the commercial more than just a demo. The plot, the story, the music, and the storytelling use local Kerala nuances and insights to drive home the point even more strongly.”

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